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Michelle Saxton - Founder

Where it all began...

While on an eight to five job, sometimes working a twelve hour shift, having no time to handle any pertinent business matters for herself, Michelle thought how such an inconvenience these type of circumstances caused and thought surely there are others who are being inconvenienced as well. That is when she put her "savvy" thought process in motion to form Mia's Savvy Courier Services in 2017.

It was with Michelle's thirty plus years of customer service, with eighteen years combined working at the City of Houston as a HPD Telecommunicator and a Dispatcher with BARC (Animal Control), and a total of nine years combined scheduling appointments as a Patient Access Representative at Sadler Clinic and Memorial Hermann that she would combine all of her skills and knowledge to make her dreams come true. Prioritizing, scheduling routes, and being sensitive to one's needs would reassure her client's that their deliveries are in good hands.

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